Having Someone to Tell Things to

I miss having someone to tell things to—not the important things, really. Just everyday incidents. Michael was the one I wanted to share not only the life-altering happenings with first but also the accomplishments I was proud of. He was the one I could tell a juicy piece of gossip to and know that I’d get a nod of recognition, a shocked intake of breath, or better yet, that helpless, shared laughter that only comes from being together day-layered-upon-day, until those days make up the last twenty years of living. It is this that I miss almost more than anything else because it spells companionship in a way nothing else can.

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Charles Davis, MSW, is the author of a couple of scientific journal articles, some encyclopedia entries and a chapter in a nursing textbook. He was a semifinalist for the 2023 Mason Jar Press 1729 Prize in Prose. A public speaker, Davis conducts training on disability law, disability etiquette, sexuality, and learning how to navigate grief as a gay man. He’s also obsessed with writing about classic films.

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